You Don't Build a Business - You Build People and then People build the Business - Zig Ziglar

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Don't you love those quotes that speak out loud to you? That is exactly what this quote did for me.
"You don't build a business - You Build the People and the People Build the Business."
This cannot be further than the truth. If you are a business owner with a team alongside you - you will need to learn how to educate, inspire and motivate. Money is not always the motivator, nor should it be.
In reading stats on employee retention, you will find that more than ever before, your team will hold you accountable to being that 'leader or mentor', a business owner who encourages and inspires. Just as the saying goes...
"People don't quit their jobs - People quit their bosses"
Here are my thoughts and feelings I know to be true while building both my locations - It is always a working and learning progress and it is not always going to be easy, but if you can recognize this to be true early on before you start duplicating yourself and building your team, you will be well on your way to having a successful team of talented, motivated, inspired individuals whom are proud to be a part of your vision and experiencing high turnover will not be an issue.
1) Lead with Love & Respect.
While having structure and protocols within your business is very important, always remember to lead with love and respect first.
Being an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, having the chance to have others work with me who believe in my vision, wanting to become a part of building something together is a beautiful powerful thing and I am honoured to have the team I do. Do not take your team members for granted
2) Provide a pleasant place to work.
Create a clean bright space for your employees to feel comfortable in, a place they feel proud to be able to serve the clientele. Put thought into making sure that the work stations within your salon are comfortable for your team to work in for hours at a time.
One thing I never understood back when I worked for someone in a salon or spa was the fact that our rooms or stations at times looked pretty but were terrible to perform services at, making our job difficult.
3) Encourage a happy healthy team environment with open and clear communication.
A happy team creates a happy environment and happy clients. When your team is happy, they will make sure to keep your clients happy.
Become aware when a team member is not happy and figure out a solution, because all it takes is one unhappy team member to spread unhappiness.
Have regular meetings - keep them short
Have a work communication app where you can invite all team members to join. All things work-related is communicated on there, I even like to send positive quotes in the app for my staff to start the day off - The app I love and use is CREW.
Give recognition and congratulate team members when a positive online review comes through for them.
4) Allow room for collaboration within your team.
Employees are not there to do just the work in your salon, they have ideas too, and when heard, appreciated and implemented, they feel, know and trust that what they have to offer matters and that they are a part of the success and growth of your business.
5) Use Mistakes As Learning Lessons For All.
It's part of human nature. It is important to learn valuable lessons from the mistakes we all have made. Find a solution right away, write it down, go over it with yourself and your team and by doing this, the same mistake should not have a chance to happen again.
When members of your team make honest mistakes, have time spent with them to encourage them to try again and help be part of the change.
6) Plan Team Building Events.
Take your team out of the work environment and enjoy connecting with one another. This helps build and create stronger relationships amongst your staff within the workplace.
Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Would love to here your thoughts and comments.
With love and respect,

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