Upselling and Cross-selling as a Beauty Professional

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If you are not upselling your clients on other services or products that you offer, you can be looking at quite a big loss of potential earnings.

Especially during these times with Covid, many salons and solo artists are not acquiring new clientele, so you want to make sure that you are working smarter, not harder.

Upselling and Cross-selling must be one of your key roles when running a business.

So let's get right to it.

As a lash artist if you offer half-sets, always offer the option of a full-set and explain the benefits to your client.

Let's say your half sets are $150 dollars per set and your full sets are $195 dollars. If you had 8 half sets booked for the week and you upsold at least three of them, you just made an extra $135 dollars that week that you wouldn't have made if you didn't upsell. Do that as an average every week and you're looking at an additional $540 dollar earnings for the month.

If you're a lash artist that offers brow services let's say that your brow shaping is $25 dollars and a brow shape and tint package is $35 dollars. In this same week that you upsold 3 lash services you also had 20 brow shaping services booked and you managed to upsell 10 of those brow shaping appointments to a brow package for an additional $10, you have just increased your profits by an extra $100 in that department of services for upselling the 10 brow services. Do that every week and that's an additional $400 dollars added to your earnings.

Let's calculate your upsold and cross-sold services, you made an extra $135 from upselling only 3 half-sets to a full-set, plus an additional $100 for upselling 10 of your brow shaping services to brow shape and tint package, you just earned yourself a combined total of $235 extra for that week. Let's multiply this amount by 4 weeks and that's an extra $940 for the month that you might not have made if you did not offer the upsell or cross-sell.

What could earning an extra $940.oo each month do for your business?

You can achieve this every week without relying on having to acquire a new client or spending a single dime on paid ads.

No longer a solo artist? Have a team of artists?

Imagine the potential earnings if each of your team members practiced upselling and cross-selling services. These extra earnings can be put into investing in more education and training for your staff or reward your staff with higher bonuses and better incentives.

You see, the clients you already have (which I call Diamond Clients), these are the ones that already know, like, and trust you. Through your education and expertise, you are able to upsell a service or product that you know would benefit your client. At times your client may say, "no thank you", and that is okay, they may not be interested at the time of the offer, or they may not have the extra finances to spend, so do not take it personally if the answer is no. Many times, they will still be interested in listening to what you have to offer and from my experience, clients have always been happy that you educated them on the benefits of the upsell or the cross-sell and you have now sparked a new interest in the other services you offer.

Keep in mind you never want to upsell or cross-sell a service or product that your client does not need or one that does not benefit them, doing so can harm the relationship and break the trust they have for you or just make you look money hungry. You only want to upsell and or cross-sell products or services that meet the client's needs.

Upselling vs Cross-selling.

An upsell is just as I explained above Half Set to a Full Set. A cross-sell is when you offer another service on your menu. So if your client only sees you for lash extensions but you also offer brow services, you can ask your client if they would like to have their brows cleaned up after their lash service or offer the full brow package that includes a tint. If you are a salon owner and your salon has estheticians offering multiple services such as body waxing, manicures, and pedicures, you can always let them know that there is someone available to give another service such as a pedicure after their lash service if they're interested.

Upselling and cross-selling should also be a task you delegate to your front desk team as they're the ones that are visually looking at the day's schedule and booking your clients. When a client checks in, your front desk personnel can let the client know what other services are available to them after they are done with receiving their initial booking. As an owner of a salon that offers full esthetics, I cannot tell you how many times clients ask our artists and front desk themselves if there's time for a pedicure or a brow and lip wax add on after their lash extension service.

So what should be your takeaway from this blog post? Do not be afraid to upsell or cross-sell as you could be losing potential earnings! Only offer additional services that will benefit your client.

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