lash artist lash entrepeneur lash lift lash tape lashes lashpreneur Sep 18, 2019
Okaaayyy here we go!
Tape is honestly my best friend. I love a few different kinds of tape but that's for another post. In this post, I just wanted to show one of many ways I utilize tape in hopes that it will help some of you who are not currently doing this. I love to use tape to push the 'lashed' lashes aside, not just for taping back layers, but it moves them out of my way in the sense where I look at it as out of sight, out of mind, and all my focus is just on the natural lashes left over. In this photo, it shows the tape stretching the lash line out towards the outer corner so that it can better expose the inner corners. Then taking the 'lashed' lashes and just pushing them aside.
If you would like to see more ways of how I isolate "lashed lashes" comment below! 😘

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