THE STORIES OF A LASH ARTIST - Featuring Untamed Artistry, Cheryl Peng

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Inspiring others with our stories, tips, tricks, and advice from our darling lashpreneurs.
I am so glad to have amazing lash artists who have agreed to be a part of this project with me. As lash artists, I believe we have so much to share when it comes to not only application and education, but work life balance and business building skills. 
Here's Cheryl's story below:
1. Tell us what you were like as a little girl and what did you want to be when you grew up?
"Most little kids had ambitious career plans - wanting to become doctors, firemen, and astronauts. Me, I was not so conventional. I said, “I WANT TO BE A BUSINESSWOMAN.” The seed of entrepreneurship was planted at a very young age. I was that annoying kid who had a million questions all the time - this inquisitive mindset is still with me to this day. I love taking things apart, then asking why, and how, do these pieces fit together. Oh, most importantly, after I figure it out, I LOVE EXPLAINING TO ANYONE WHO'S WILLING TO LISTEN."
2. What made you decide to get into the lash industry?
"It’s an industry where business meets art; how could I resist? After a 5 year career as a stoic poker player, my desire for passion and fulfillment finally got the better of me. After having a taste of freedom, I know an conventional job wouldn’t be my cup of tea. Instead, I quit as a poker player and got into eyelash extensions. I wanted to gain some experience in running a business, while I 'figure my shit out'. Then I was going to take this business skill to apply it to my next big startup idea.”
3. How long have your been a lash artist?
"I’ve been a lash tech since September, 2016."
4. Who are the people that you look up to?
"I am Elon Musk and Steve Job’s biggest fan girl. They’ve taught me most of the mental model that I apply in my life and business."
5. What does a typical day in your life look like?
I have 2 types of typical days - one is what I call working mode. Those days I wake up early to prep for training, finish around 5, then just wind down and recover for the next day. Another, is what I call the creating day. This takes up 70% of my time and I don’t think I can become a better teacher or lash tech by just doing the act. Instead, I spend a lot of my time reading and learning from all different disciplines to constantly refine my skills. During these days, I wake up and meditate for 20 mins, I will do 5 minutes of gratitude journaling and I don’t look at my phone for the first 2 hours of my day! These are the most important and efficient hours of my day, and I reserve them for learning and working. I spend 2 hours reading, learning, and just gaining knowledge about different topics. Right now, it’s Spanish and brand storytelling. After I break for lunch, I will work for 2 hours on my laptop. This usually means engaging with my followers, and working on other exciting upcoming projects for Untamed Artistry. After this, I relax and spend the rest of my day doing things I love - I workout, hang out with the boyfriend and cook.
6. Are you a home based lash artist or a storefront lash business?
I am an educator, so I only lash for portfolio work. I now travel around the world to teach volume and business. I also offer private training in Toronto, Canada, and Boca Raton, Florida.
7. What is most challenging and most rewarding about being a lash artist?
"The most challenging thing about being a lash artist is, definitely finding your position in the market—finding a way to stand out, so you get the acknowledgement and exposure you deserve. The rewarding thing is, the transformation you create in women’s lives. Women aren’t getting lashes because it makes their morning routine faster, or waking up looking beautiful. These are just the byproducts of eyelash extensions. The REAL reason why they get it is for social acceptance and confidence, and if you can help them become the woman they want the world to see them as, then that’s the most rewarding feeling."
8. Being an entrepreneur is not always easy. We face many challenges in all aspects of running and growing a business. What challenges have you ran into with your business, and what have you learned from it?
"I now stop parading the fact I am a “one woman show,” because if you want to grow and scale, you can’t do it alone. I once took so much pride in the fact that I did it all by myself, but at a point every business owner reaches their max capacity. This was my defining moment as a business, I am such a big picture thinker, but not always a task executor. I got to a point in my business where everything was at a standstill, because I struggled to take the steps to move forward with all my dreams. Now I’ve built a team that helps me execute all of my big picture thinking."
9. What is your favourite thing about your workspace?
"My lashing bed is soooo comfortable. I’ve got a lot of people saying it’s more comfortable than their own bed at home. Memory foam padding, leg bolster and memory foam pillow does the trick! A heated blanket helps too."
10. What is one piece of advice you could share when it comes to lashing your client's set? (e.g., a tip or trick you do that makes all the difference in the outcome of your work.)
"Even distribution of density over coverage. Full coverage is SO overrated. Instead I suggest you focus on the distribution of density. If you want a set to look refined and clean, it needs to be well distributed from the first lash in the inner corn to the last lashable lash in the outer corner. Comb often when you are lashing, and add density accordingly. Don’t lash mindlessly one end to another, one eye to another."
11. What is one piece of advice you would say to someone wanting to become a lash artist?
"Before you jump into a new career, you need to first figure out your WHY. You need to do things for the right reason if you want to find happiness and fulfillment. Money doesn’t buy either of those. So look deeply inward and ask yourself the question: “Why do I want to become a lash artist?”
Thank you Cheryl for being AMAZING. Be sure to visit Cheryl's Instagram page @untamed.artistry 😍
Let us always be reminded to share with love and aim for creating community over competition. I promise you, we will all grow bigger and brighter together.
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