Starting Your Day With Personal Growth

ceo lash artist lash entrepeneur lashpreneur personal growth Oct 30, 2019
The biggest gap that business schools are not teaching their graduates is...
If you become a CEO of a billion-dollar company & you have thousands of shareholders to report to & thousands of staff, the idea of you being a CEO or working for a billion-dollar company is just all an illusion - that's secondary to what your main thing in life should be, and your #1 thing should & needs to be is the evolution of your.
It needs to be your growth - this should be the main thing. Everything else is secondary and if your business fails, not a problem…did you grow from it? If your business succeeds, no big deal…did you grow from it? The question here is always "how are you growing?" Your business is nothing but a vehicle for your personal growth, if you look at some of the greatest men and women in history, they understood this principle and were dedicated to their personal growth.
Imagine if you dedicated time in serving your mind, wellness, and personal growth every single day. Wake up earlier than usual and spend your time in the morning for personal growth that serves you, so that you’re better equipped to serve others for the day. What we do in life first should be spent on personal growth, then everything else is secondary because when you’re growing yourself, EVERYTHING else around you will grow too.
You will find that the typical problems people have happen because they lose themselves, they forget who they really are, they forget why their souls chose to be here & they get lost in the matrix - it's an illusion. You are not the doctor, the CEO, the Lash Artist. You’re a soul that is here to grow, and when you make that your number one priority, all other obstacles will move out of the way.
I had to share this with you all, as this Mindvalley Podcast spoke so much to me & I hope that it spoke to you too!!
I would love to hear what you do when taking time for personal growth! Comment below!

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