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Let's raise a question here, I would love to hear your thoughts.
This one goes for mainly Classic application & for those who teach classic.
For some of you, half sets are on your service menu, or maybe you have clients who don't want 100% coverage. Let me ask you this, when lashing those sets, are you mainly applying lashes on the top or mid layers from your bird's eye view?
When we open our eyes and look at ourselves in the mirror, especially when looking right into our eyes, we don't have that bird's eye view, do we? When staring at ourselves, we see our bottom layer lashes either coming straight out or, for those of us who are lucky, we see the lower & mid layer lashes sweeping upwards & out.
When doing a less than full coverage set, be sure to grab those bottom layer lashes as it will really help create a dark lash line for your client (a better eye line effect), your client won't have the same impact when opening her eyes if you only lash mainly the top layer from your view.
For example, when we put on mascara, we look into the mirror at ourselves, slightly tilt our heads back & coat the mascara from our bottom layer lashes starting at the base of the lash line & upwards, creating a fuller darker lash line, we don't put our heads down and coat the mascara from the top layers going downwards, right? So when lashing a set that is not full coverage, be sure to focus more on bottom & mid layers, as opposed to only the top & mid layers or worse; ONLY the top layer.
For those of you who teach classic, I definitely think this is a good topic to be discussing with your students. I have taught volume lashing to many classic artists trained elsewhere, & each time I've mentioned this to them it has helped them view the importance of grabbing those lower layers.

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