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Ohhhh the love of lash lifts....
I was first introduced to learning the service back in 2010, since then watching the lash lift popularity grow has been amazing! Some days at our boutique, all our chairs are full of lash lift services over extensions! The art of doing lash lifts are not to be underestimated -it is simple in procedure steps but one must take into consideration shield size used along with timing, making sure to not over process the lashes, and placement of solutions.
TIP #1
Do not use too much lash lift adhesive. You really only need a thin layer on the shield which should be enough for the lashes to adhere when combing up onto the shield. If you are working with stubborn lashes, have your client hold up a fan while your combing up their lashes and the lashes will stick without problems! If you don't like the placement of their natural lashes and the glue has dried, use a doe foot wand dipped in warm water and the lashes will be movable again to re-position. You shouldn't even need to add more glue.
REMEMBER: How their lashes look on the shield is how they will look when your lift is done. Placement of the natural lashes must be perfect!
TIP #2
Placing solutions from the base to mid shaft of the hair is as far up as you need to go.
Do not place solution all the way up to the tips, it's best to avoid the tips of the natural lashes. Some manufacturer products say to coat base to tip. My opinion as well as my experience the past 9 years doing lash lifts, is to stay away from the lash tips, as tips can appear over processed and frizzy looking afterwards.
TIP #3
I like to have 1 - 0.5mm of the natural lash base showing from the waterline when placing solution #1 and #2. If the solution is placed right at the waterline, it can irritate the client's eyes.
TIP #4
We can usually get 4 or even 5 services out of a sachet. If you can only get 1 or 2 services out of a sachet, you're probably using too much product. Dollars $$$ down the drain my friends! :(
Happy Lash Lifting! I hope this helped 😘

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