4 Tips on Hiring a New Lash & Brow Artist To Your Team

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As a salon owner, one thing I can honestly say is that I have been pretty successful at hiring and retaining team members. Helping an artist develop their skillsets should be one of your top priorities as a salon owner. Finding individuals who are new to the industry, are eager, excited to learn, and are always so excited to have been given the opportunity to become a part of the team. Newly graduated estheticians and artists are easier to train and adapt to following your team culture. The best part of taking on apprentices is that they have not formed too many bad service procedure habits.
1. Always accept resumes
Always be on the lookout for new staff, you’ll have many artists to choose from when you are in need to hire. Start building relationships with those you can see being on your team. Do not make the mistake of waiting to hire an artist when you are in desperate need of one.
We should spend the time and strive to establish a consistent experience for clients amongst our artists and our locations if you have more than one. List the factors that define your brand, use the list to find potential team members that have the same qualities. Be very clear as to what you want and need in a team member, as being clear on your job posts will help you have more of the right applicants looking to be a part of your team, applicants that have an outlook that aligns with your brand.
2. Be confident they will build a following
Do not rule out hiring experienced estheticians, lash or brow artists, as long as you feel they share your vision. Do not encourage an experienced artist to bring clientele if coming from another lash and brow salon. You want clients that are loyal to your business because of what your salon’s high standards to health, safety and best practices, as well as the excellent customer service that guarantees on lash services not to mention, all the training and skillsets they know the artists get by being a part of your salon, that’s how your salon builds a healthy reputation. Hiring artists who are taking client phone numbers from their former employer and soliciting them without their permission should serve as a warning sign. They will probably do the same to your business when a better opportunity comes around.
If you are looking to hire just one, or wanting to grow a full team, choosing the right team members will allow for productivity, growth and profits to become possible. Team member's abilities, skillsets, as well as their personality and work ethic, will play a positive role in every aspect of the business, from client retention down to the bottom line, so you'll need to choose your team members very carefully.
3. Teach and build them up
Many lash salon owners second guess whether they should bring on apprentices, for fear that their hard work in training and growing a new artist will go unrewarded as they will just come to be used and or learn what they need then perhaps decide to leave. As mentioned above, “new estheticians and lash artists are eager to learn and excited to put in the work to build a following”. Wouldn't you much rather build an artist from the ground up than battling them on breaking bad habits? Time invested in the beginning to train that team member will always pay off in the long run. Whether you’ve hired someone fresh out of esthetics school, or an experienced lash artist, the risk of them leaving one day will always be there. Hire based on what you think will be right for your business long-term.
4. It’s okay to say NO
This is your business. You have taken the risk, and you have invested your time creating this dream come true salon of yours. You should be the one to decide how it operates. Stick to your core values, vision and mission and resist being the “all the time yes boss” in order to satisfy your staff. I have been down this road myself and have learned from it and there has to be a structure that is aligned with your core principals. Otherwise, you risk becoming stressed and unhappy as your business will no longer feel like the place you intended it to be.
If a team member tries to propose something regarding their employment that makes you feel uncomfortable, it is okay to say no. When going against the business’ needs in order for it to run properly, grow and be profitable, there will always be long-term implications that cause regret, stress or worse, cause you to close your doors. We want our team to be happy so it feels better to be the YES boss all the time, but the things we say yes to should never compromise the best interest of the business. Set firm ground rules in the beginning and stick to them.
This is how I keep my salon moving forward, are you ready to do the same to yours?
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