lash artist lash education lash entrepeneur lash extensions lash lift lashpreneur Oct 02, 2019
Alrighty, there has been so much talk around washing clients eyes after a service has been completed & whether or not it will affect retention.
There are still artists who are skeptical, & this is to be expected as we have been conditioned to already believe that we cannot get the lashes wet until 24-48 hours after service. I want to thank first & foremost Doug Schoon (scientist & chemist) for educating us about Cyanoacrylates & thank you to Jill who has helped bring attention to this topic by including Doug Schoon into her classes to speak to us all about Cyanoacylates. Thank you to @mybrandlashes for shining so much light on this topic as she too has done so since learning this herself.
The more we can put the word out there the more we can pick up new healthy habits as our industry moves forward with new discoveries on best practices within our industry. It is normal to feel hesitant or be skeptical when it comes to changing the way we think on what we have been taught, BUT know this my dear lasher's....change is good, education is great, and how do you expect to move forward if you can't move forward with the times.
Especially when it pertains to a topic of best practices when servicing the public and our dear clients? I personally can tell you that I have not had any retention issues by washing my client's lashes after my service. So I say to you all with confidence, go ahead and wash afterwards, it won't hurt!! Washing before every service is a must as well so don't forget that!
What are your thoughts to washing after service & what has your experience been like after doing so? Lets share!!

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